She was born in Mexico City, the second child of the Carreño González marriage.

Norma was a very introverted child; however, she always showed her inclination for singing, music, poetry and painting. Although life guided her to an administrative carrier and teaching English, she always had love for Art.

Since a child she was always singing and telling poetry, in high school, she participated in the school choral, she learn to play the flute and melodic by herself. When she was a young woman, she took singing and organ classes at the Sala Chopin. In 1987 she participated in her first recital there.

In 1981 she started to Paint with the teacher Ricardo Segura. She never dismissed the possibility to become a good artist and since then she became an autonomous artist that over the years has continued with the painting work.  In 2015, she found the teacher Alfredo Carreño, outstanding artist from Baja California, after many years of absence; he became her teacher until the day he left.

Norma traveled to some countries in Europe; she lived three years in la Conception, Quebec, Canada, where her husband, Dr. Luc Paquin, was born. She lived In Oceanside, Ca, USA other three years.

Those experiences of life have left her a very different vision about nature and life. She learn English and French after many years of studying and with the experiences she had in those countries.

Her work has been considered as Fauvist, according to critics in the subject.

During the last few years, Norma has dedicated her time in drawing Mandalas and Zentangle Art, those have become a passion for her.

Nowadays, she continues with her work and she is teaching English and Art to kids and adults.